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Jed Applerouth is a teacher and an educational innovator. Download for me or any of proposals solicited proposals submitted in the common application. The chapters of this thesis provide complimentary perspectives on the relative roles of selection and neutrality, from the molecular to the population level, and present various statistical tools for genetic data analysis.

Chapter 2 proposes a maximum-likelihood based method with which to classify and identify interactions, or epistasis, between pairs of genes. Chapter 3 details a study of genetic data from Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolated from human Aboriginal Canadian communities; our analyses suggest that the bacterium spread to these communities via the Canadian fur trade in the 18th and 19th centuries. Chapter 4 discusses the detection of signatures of natural selection in the genomes of 12 diverse African human populations, and proposes novel considerations for identifying biological functions under selection and for comparing signals of selection between populations.

Finally, Chapter 5 details the inference of the genetic basis and evolutionary history of light skin pigmentation and short stature in the genetically diverse [not equal to sign] Khomani Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert of South Africa, believed to be one of the world's most ancient human populations.

These chapters emphasize that a more complete understanding of the evolutionary history of humans and other organisms requires not only the consideration of neutral and selective processes, but also both phenotypic and genetic information. The statistical methods and approaches presented in the following chapters albright sonata dissertation the potential to improve inferences of natural selection and demography from genetic data, as well as provide insight into the relative roles of both.

Online Analyzing staffing and care practices to improve substance use outcomes in VA patients []. Im, Jin Woo. Description Book - dissertation completion grant uga resource xiii, 90 pages : illustrations some color Summary Using U. Department of Veterans Affairs VA records, this dissertation explores the staffing mix in substance use disorder treatment programs SUDTPs and the effectiveness of the current clinical practice guideline in reducing suicide risk associated with opioid therapy.

The staffing mixes were not significantly different from tothe years under review. However, given differences in treatment focus and provided services, the four types of SUDTPs may require different staffing mixes.

We derive prediction functions for benefits and costs based on patients' treatment outcomes at VA SUDTPs nationally from toand use them to formulate optimization problems to determine recommended staffing mixes that maximize net benefits per patient for four types of SUDTPs while conforming to limits of current practice.

Compared to the actual staffing mixes inthe recommended staffing mixes would lower treatment costs while improving patient outcomes. We also introduce an approach to building a decision support system for staffing each type of SUDTP reflecting the dynamics of effectiveness and costs associated with the staffing changes. Compared to the actual staffing mixes, the staffing mixes suggested by the staffing decision support system are expected to treat significantly more Veteran patients under the existing staffing budget while improving patient outcomes.

We also examine associations amanita phalloides dissertation adherence to guideline recommendations and the risk of suicide attempt based on Veterans Health Administration VHA records.

Opioid therapy is often provided to reduce chronic pain in at-risk patients. Unfortunately, available opioid medications have been also used as a means for attempting suicide. Inthe VHA and the Department of Defense released a jointly developed clinical practice guideline CPG to reduce the risk of adverse events such as suicide attempt in patients prescribed opioids, primarily based on expert consensus. We conduct multivariate mixed-effects logistic regression analyses to define the associations between facility-level CPG adherence rates and risk of suicide attempt while controlling for the associations between individual-level delivery of CPG-based services and the risk of suicide attempt.

Major findings include the following: suicide attempts were negatively associated with facility-level adherence rates for both consistent urine drug screenings and follow-up appointments, and were positively associated with facility-level risky sedative co-prescription rates. Anti-CD47 antibody-mediated phagocytosis of cancer by macrophages primes an effective anti-tumor T cell response [].

Tseng, Diane. May Description Book - online resource x, pages : illustrations some color Summary Mobilization of the T cell response against cancer has the potential to achieve long-lasting cures. However, it is not known how to optimally harness antigen presenting cells to achieve an effective anti-tumor T cell response. In this study, we show that anti-CD47 antibody-mediated phagocytosis of cancer by macrophages can initiate an anti-tumor T cell immune response.

We conclude that anti-CD47 antibody treatment not only enables macrophage phagocytosis of cancer, but can also initiate an anti-tumor cytotoxic T cell immune response. Anti-CDbased scholarship essay topics list strategies serve as a promising new strategy for overcoming this challenge for treating or preventing human disease.

Automated handling of Drosophila for biological investigation []. Ho, Eric Tatt Wei. Description Book - online resource xxi, pages : illustrations some color Summary The fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, is a key model species for biological research. Trained humans can manipulate, inspect and dissect individual flies, but these operations are often rate-limiting bottlenecks for screening and experimentation.

Here I present a high-speed, economical robot for handling non-anesthetized adult flies. The robot can then translate and rotate the picked fly, inspect its phenotype, dissect or release it, and thereby rapidly prepare multiple flies sequentially for a wide range of experimental formats. In one illustration, the robot restrained flies and dissected the cuticle to permit two-photon imaging of neural dynamics.

In another, the robot sorted flies by sex. The robot's tireless capacity for accurate, repeatable manipulations will enable experiments and biotechnology applications that would otherwise be totally infeasible, especially those requiring high-throughput capture, testing and assessment of individual fly attributes.

Axl as a therapeutic target in metastatic ovarian cancer []. Fuh, Katherine Definition essay on love examples. Description Book - online resource xi, pages : illustrations some color Summary Axl, Sky, and Mer receptor tyrosine kinases RTKs are increasingly implicated in a host of cellular responses including cell survival, proliferation, migration, phagocytosis, chemoresistance, and epithelial-mesenchymal transition EMT.

In chapter 1, I will describe my contribution to the field that includes identifying andreas schellenberg dissertation role of AXL in metastatic ovarian cancer and validating the therapeutic target in ovarian cancer. In the second chapter, I have investigated the role of AXL in chemoresistance in ovarian cancer.