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These skills can help prepare for future roles in the information age, whether in teaching, conducting research, or using the research results of others. Improves Library Service Electronic submissions allow the University to fulfill its responsibilities of recording and archiving theses and dissertations more economically. This is a key responsibility of the University library and is easier and less costly when the work flow involves electronic documents.

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FInancial Information. Official Documents. List of Members. ETD Metadata Providers. Contact Us Directory. Board of Directors. Community ETD Forum. Membership List of Members. Membership Benefits. Become Member. Asner, Haya, and Tsviya Polani. Atkinson, Lisa.

Averkamp, Shawn, and Joanna Lee. Bakelli, Yahia, and Sabrina Benrahmoun. Bevan, Simon J. Boock, Michael, and Sue Kunda. Brown, Josh. Brown, Josh, and Kathy Sadler. London: University College London, Chang, Sheau-Hwang. Coles, Betsy, and Katherine Johnson. Coles, Betsy, and George S. Copeland, Susan. Copeland, Susan, and Andrew Penman. Cox, Fannie M. Deng, Sai, and Terry Reese.

Diepold, Peter.

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Douglas, Kimberly. Edminster, Jude, and Joe Moxley. El-Bayoumi, Janice, and Lisa Charlong. El-Sherbini, Magda, and George Klim. Fineman, Yale. Foster, Andrea L.

Fox, Edward A. Moxley, and Christian R. Weisser, eds. New York: Marcel Dekker, Aldershot, Hants, England: Ashgate, Locations of printed copies vary, depending on publication date:. Contact a liaison librarian or Ask us! A significant number of these resources are freely available in full-text and can be viewed online. Access to full-text theses is available for all items published between January 1, to August 31, How can I get a dissertation we don't have in full text?

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Submitting Dissertations and Theses

Access Support Center. University of La Verne Case Study. London School of Economics Case Study. Wang, Yahong. Topical use of monoclonal antibodies as a multipurpose prevention technology offering contraception and decreased transmission of HIV-1 and trichomonas vaginalis.

Baldeon Vaca, Gabriela Betsave. Wild bee niche preferences and diverstiy changes in urban Bavaria. Hofmannn, Michaela. Advancing gene therapy for epilepsy. Translational pre-clinical studies with neuropeptide Y and glial cell-line derived neurotrophic factor. Burian, Egon. Quantification of minerals associated to enamel caries process by raman spectroscopy. Sungkapreecha, Siras. The decision to notify patients following a dental infection control breach : a scoping review study of historical incident outcomes and guidance with development of a novel decision-making algorithm to support public health incident management.

Gordon, Lorna Elizabeth. Numerical solution of fractional differential equations. Vikerpuur, Mikk. Tartu University. It's too late now. Ford, Kelly. NC Docks. The politics of participation in transdisciplinary sustainability research: an analysis of knowledge, values and power at the science-society interface.

Fritz, Livia Bianca. Chen, Ashley. University of Ottawa. Flexural behavior of continuous concrete beams prestressed with bonded and unbonded tendons. Digital library dissertation thesis, Emily E. Manage ETDs.

About Mission, Goals, and History. FInancial Information. Official Documents. We accept the following file formats - Word. Questions: Contact Kent Gerber kent-gerber bethel. Tutoring, Writing and Languages Writing Aids. Submitting Dissertations and Theses Graduate Dissertation, Thesis, and Scholarly Project Submissions As a graduation requirement established by the Graduate Schoolstudents are required to submit an electronic copy of the final version of their successfully defended thesis, dissertation, or other scholarly project to the Jerry Falwell Library Scholarly Communications Department.

Guidelines Checklist Step-by-Step Process Guidelines Submission should only occur after the student has successfully defended his or her work. Students must submit an electronic copy of the final version of their successfully defended thesis or dissertation to the library. Physical copies are not accepted.